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Transportation Process

We have an efficient transportation system in place

• Customers will first give a call to us ad then we make sure to ask them the details to full it up in our online form
• We gather all the information that is needed about the consignment like the address of moving to and from and then ask for the date and time of movement
• Then the expert packers from our team visit your site to understand what all you want to move. They inspect the goods and make a rough estimate for the client
• We make a plan of movement and then ask the client about their opinion on the same. This will ensure that they are ready with all the preparations and this will allow a hassle free movement
• We do not start to pack from advance but on the very same day that you wish to move. This is so that you can keep using your stuff till the last day
• Our efficient team comes and immediately packs the stuff as per your instructions. It does not take us more than two to three hours to pack the entire house
• We use high quality materials to pack your stuff. We also ensure extra caution and take the necessary precautions
• Once it is done we load your stuff and then take your stuff to the new location

We have a team of efficient staff and supervisors who are skilled in the packing process and have been doing this for many years. They are able to offer the best packing and also plan well ensuring perfect optimizing of space in the boxes and the moving vehicle so that there is no extra cost to you. Just reach out to us and we will ensure that every minute details are in place to ensure to you safe and hassle free relocation from one destination to another.